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Mantel clock, empire - reproduction H69 Mantel clock, empire - reproduction

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This elegant piece is a true to original copy, reproduced with handmade cast moulds, accurate in every detail. It shows a reading muse, covered in a classical Greek robe - a popular motive in the early 19th century.

The clock has a quarz movement for one 1.5V battery. For a battery change the clock can be taken off (see 2nd photo).

There is a signature at the base which reads "TARANISO" - we cannot yet interpret the provenance.

Height: 17.5 cm / 6.8"
Base: 24 x 10 cm / 9.4 x 3.9"
Diameter of clock face: 6 cm / 2.3"
Weight: 1.8 kg / 4 lbs

Mantel clock, empire - reproduction

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Subject:H69 Mantel clock, empire - reproduction