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Viking-Anglosaxon helmet, 750 AD, Coppergate Y39M Viking-Anglosaxon helmet, 750 AD, Coppergate

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We are offering a high quality replica of the famous Coppergate helmet.
The original helmet, which experts date to be from the eigth century AD and to be of Anglo-Saxon origin, was found just outside the wellknown Coppergate (York) archeological site.

York was the center of a Viking territory and a kingdom under the Danish vikings. It was named Jorvik at the time.
The helmet is very similar to the Viking helmets, best known for their nose protection (nasal).

The helmet has 2 cheek guards similar to the much earlier Roman legionaries helmets and a curtain of chainmail to protect the neck.

Our reproduction helmet is handmade of 2 mm / 0.07" steel with brass decoration.
It has an adjustable leather liner and fits anybody with a hat size up to 60 cms (23.6").

Height: 20 cm / 7.8"
Height with chainmail: 42 cm / 16.5"
Inner width (from ear to ear): 18,5 cm / 7.2"
Inner length (front to back): 21,5 cm / 8.4"

Its total weight is 3.9 kg (8.6 lbs).

Viking-Anglosaxon helmet, 750 AD, Coppergate

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Subject:Y39M Viking-Anglosaxon helmet, 750 AD, Coppergate