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Old harbour master replica 18 inch telescope S11 Old harbour master replica 18 inch telescope

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This is a massive and beautiful 18" (48 cm) brass double barrel telescope and a fine wooden tripod reproduction crafted in the old style.The 35 mm. telescope has ground glass optics and produces a sharp image; it is focused by rotating a large adjusting ring near the eyepiece.
A brass lens cover on a chain, a 360 degree vernier wheel to measure inclination, a sighting telescope that can be adjusted from 7 to 10 inches (17.5 cm to 26 cm) in length, a main eyepiece on the primary telescope that extends over 1 inch for exact focusing.
The tripod legs extend from a length of 12 inches (30 cm) to 24 inches (60 cm), so that the telescope can be positioned on a table for comfortable observation.

The telescope can be easily removed from the collapsible stand.

The telescope itself has a full 360-degree horizontal range of motion around the tripod, and 180 degrees vertical.

A treasure that is sure to impress the most distinguishing telescope collector.

This is an example of a truly practical Harbourmaster - Telescope; so called because it was often used to detect incoming sea traffic. You can spot the target with the spotter scope and then focus for a grander view with the main telescope.
Please note: the spotter scope was a recent improvement on this item and is not yet shown on our photos.

This unit is designed as a terrestial telescope and is recommended to those who have a good view of the sea or of a city's concrete jungle.The telescope and tripod weigh 2.4 kgs.

Old harbour master replica 18 inch telescope

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Subject:S11 Old harbour master replica 18 inch telescope