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Rondel Dagger PRD101 Rondel Dagger

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Rondel means round or circular; the dagger gets its name from its round (or similarly shaped, e.g. octagonal) hand guard and round or spherical pommel (knob on the end of the grip).

They were principally designed for use with a stabbing action, either underarm, or over arm with a reverse grip (think ice pick). They would also have been used for cutting.

Rondel daggers were ideal in battle for puncturing chain mail. During the Battle of Agincourt in 1415, the Rondel Daggers were a knight's back-up weapon to be used in hand to hand fighting, and as such one of their last lines of defence.
In a scene from a miniature by Girat de Roussillon depicting the construction of twelve churches in France (c. 1448), merchants and tradesmen can be seen wearing rondel daggers at their waists.

Our reproduction dagger features a hand made blade in steel. The dagger comes complete with a wooden handle, and steel fittings.
The scabbard is included and is made of natural leather, hand stitched.

Overall length with scabbard: 38 cm / 15"
Length of dagger: 35 cm / 13.7"
Blade length: 21 cm / 8.2"
Max. blade width: 1.7 cm / 0.66"

Weight: 200 g / 0.44 lbs.

Rondel Dagger

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