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Pugio Roman Dagger AH3264X Pugio Roman Dagger

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I am selling a very sturdy reproduction of this famous Roman dagger, which was carried by the Roman legionnaires during the conquest of Europe and Britain up to Hadrian's wall.
This pugio is supplied with blunt edges, so that it may be used for reenactment.

The pugio has a classic wide waisted blade with fuller. The handle is made of several layers of steel and wood, which are riveted. The sheath is made of brown leather, which is surrounded by a steel reinforcing.

Total length: 37 cm (14.5")
Blade length: 22,5 cm (8.9")
Weight: 800 g (1.8 lbs)

Pugio Roman Dagger

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Subject:AH3264X Pugio Roman Dagger