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Greek Sword (Bone Insert) Alfedena AH4214N Greek Sword (Bone Insert) Alfedena

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- Functional stainless carbon steel
- bone insert
- red scabbard with brass hardware

The handles and the top and bottom of the scabbard are made of bone covered with iron. This iron facing has pierced decoration so that the bone shows through. The Greek Sword "Alfedena" goes back to the classic style with a straight blade. Featuring a convex handle and round pommel, this weapon also has a white bone insert and a balanced structure for effective use.

Length of blade: 67 cm / 26 inch
Length total: 96.5 cm / 38 inch
Width of blade: middle:3.5mm/0.14 inch edges: 2mm / 0.01 inch
Weight with scabbard: 2 kg / 4 pounds
Weight sword: 1.3 kg / 3 pounds

Historical Period:
approximately 75 BC

The Snettisham Hoard, perhaps the stock of a goldsmith, c. 75 BC

Greek Sword (Bone Insert) Alfedena

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Subject:AH4214N Greek Sword (Bone Insert) Alfedena