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Excalibur - King Arthur's Sword V33 Excalibur - King Arthur's Sword

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We cannot sell an authentic copy of King Arthur's sword, it does not exist anymore and we do not know how it may have looked like.

Our fine cast metal reproduction sword was developed for a film company and is now available for everybody for decoration and role play, however, these swords cannot be sharpened and are not "battle worthy".

Overall length is 44 inch / 111 cms. blade length is 30 inch / 76 cms. weight (incl. scabbard) : 2.1 kgs / 4.5 lbs.

The handle is simulated wire wrapped and the hilt is finished in simulated gold and is adorned with dragons and "Excalibur" is stamped on the pommel.

Excalibur - King Arthur's Sword

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