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Crusader Great Helmet ,13th century, leather P51 Crusader Great Helmet ,13th century, leather

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I am selling a high quality authentic copy of a crusaders' helmet in original size.This style of helmet was used in the 12th to the 14th century.This heavy helmet with its narrow eye slits was the most famous of the crusaders' helmets and its front was reinforced by an iron crusaders' cross.The original steel helmets are rather heavy and not too comfortable to wear.We have therefore made this helmet from 5 mms. strong cow hide weighing only 1300 gramms(3 lbs.) and looking quite frightening in its dark black colour.

It is ready to wear and will fit everybody, even a "big" head, as it is padded inside and can be fastened tightly by an adjustable leather chin strap.(see bottom photo)

It is 34 cms/ 14 inches high (front) and 30 cms/ 12 inches in the back.

It measures inside 23 cms./ 9" from ear to ear and 28 cms/ 11" from front to back.

Crusader Great Helmet ,13th century, leather

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Subject:P51 Crusader Great Helmet ,13th century, leather