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German Landsknecht Short Sword P46 German Landsknecht Short Sword

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Landsknecht (the land's knight) was the term applied to German mercenary soldiers of the 16th century.
They carried a short sword, which they called jokingly "Katzbalger" (cat gutter) and as it was a very particular sword it is still today known under this name.
Our reproduction has a leather covered grip, the typical S-shaped quillon made from steel(size 14 cms x 13 cms.) and a 58 cm (23")long carbon steel blade.
The brown leather scabbard has a steel throat and tip.
Total lengthof sword (in scabbard) is 77cms. (30"),
total weight is 1.4 kg./3 lbs.
Our sword may be used on stage (if regulations allow) as it has a rounded tip and bothedges are blunt (1 mm),
This is not a re-enactment sword, as the top button is a screw which can become loseduring fight.
This item will be send out in two pieces to ensure it will not be damaged.

German Landsknecht Short Sword

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