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Roman film helmet, Gladiator Maximus AH6204I Roman film helmet, Gladiator Maximus

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This gladiator helmet is a reproduction of the wellknown "Maximus" helmet known from the "Gladiator" film.

"Maximus" wore this helmet. As gladiators were actually covered with helmets that did not allow their opponent to see their eyes, this helmet was altered to see more of Maximus' face, and so you can use it in a role play yourself as well.

The handmade helmet is entirely made of 1.6 mm (abt. 16 gauge) strong steel. The raw edges on the inside should be covered with felt as our manufacturer did not burnish them. This fact shows in the low price.

A cotton cap will be added to the helmet free of charge.

Total weight: 1.5 kg / 3.3 lbs.
Hat size: Max. 63 cm / 24.8"
Width (from ear to ear): 20 cm / 7.8"
Length (from front to back): 25 cm / 9.8"

Roman film helmet, Gladiator Maximus

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Subject:AH6204I Roman film helmet, Gladiator Maximus